Managing The Investor’s Journey

From Stranger to Stakeholder


  • Stranger to Interested
  • Outreach methods designed to get people interested in your company


  • Interested to Researcher
  • Making sure all investor facing material is optimized to convert investors  


  • Researcher to Shareholder
  • Making sure investors have plenty of confidence building content i.e. websites, blogs, and videos; to use while researching your company.


  • Shareholder to Stakeholder
  • The process of keeping your current investors happy and committed, which will turn them into promoters of your company and assets to be leveraged for further investment.

We’re an Investor Marketing Firm

Hilton Advisory is an investor marketing firm that is passionate about empowering companies. We are able to help companies take their business to the next level because we understand investors and the journey they go through.

The way investors get their information has changed. There are over 100 million investor related searches per month, 3.3 million per day!

Investors are no longer waiting to have investment opportunities brought to them, they are searching for them on their own.   We make it easy for investors to find our clients online.

We have created the Investor Conversion Optimization process, which helps investors along this new journey: from stranger to stakeholder.  Because if investors are searching, researching, and purchasing differently, shouldn’t you be marketing to them differently as well?

Our investor conversion optimization process is a proven process that has yielded high returns for our partners.

This process works for both public companies and private issuers undergoing crowdfunding raises, such as Regulation A+.

The services we provide include everything from website development to social media management, from search engine optimization to pay-per-click advertising. Depending on the client and their needs is how we structure our programs.  

We know that our partners have a business to run and don’t necessarily have the time or the experience to plan and execute an effective IR program. Our team will take the time to get to know our partner’s business objectives and their business as a whole, understand their challenges, find out exactly who and where their audience is and put together a plan that all parties can agree would make the most sense to accomplish the goal. Please visit our services pages for a comprehensive list and description of deliverables.
We are excited to say that the Hilton Advisory investor relations marketing firm can be your one stop shop for your investor marketing needs.

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