Core Values

At Hilton Advisory we have one overarching mission: to empower public companies by intimately understanding investors.

There are 5 core values that define our company and we look for in our clients:



Leadership is the basis for Hilton Advisory.  The thought leadership to create a new way of reaching potential investors.  The confidence to believe in our process and lead companies to their goals.  To exude leadership that allows investors to believe in the companies which we chose to share with them.  It is in our DNA from the top to the bottom, we aim to be leaders in our industry, and have every employee exhibit leadership.



In an environment where investors have thousands upon thousands of investment opportunities at their fingertips daily, it requires a certain drive to outpace the competition for the investor’s attention.


Our very founding required creativity to see beyond the traditional methods of investor outreach and innovate a new way, a better way.  This is the same creativity we use when helping put together the stories we tell investors to show them the value in our client’s companies.


While we maintain a flexibility necessary to adapt to the adversities we must persevere through in this environment, helping a small upstart public company to compete for the investment dollar with their more established counterparts.


In the financial industry, there are temptations around every corner that may cause one to swallow their integrity in pursuit of fiscal gains.  We know that this is a path to destruction.  Our integrity is what allows us to rise above much of our competition.

If you think of Hilton Advisory as a body,

Leadership is the head that guides us, drive are the legs that push us, creativity are the arms and hands that we build with, perseverance is the heart that keeps beating, and integrity is the spine that holds our company together.